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Migna León Vargas
“I am from Antofagasta and since March 2015 I take part of the medical protocol of Doctor Osvaldo Arén. The disease a have is decreasing a lot, I feel very well, I am on treatment nine months ago and I am happy. Leer Más
Copia de Cristian Caulier, 59 years old
“In 2007 one of my kidneys was removed and it was fine, however in 2015 I got a tumor on scalp and doctor realized it was metastasis of kidney disease, also presented in other parts of my body: in the lung, ganglions and vertebra 11. Leer Más
Juan Ulloa, 57 years old
“I diagnosed since 2012. It was quite unexpected, cruel; I really did not expect it. When it was confirmed it was a very hard moment. I went to doctor Arén in May 2015 to subject myself to this new therapy and I felt very well, glad and grateful. Leer Más

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